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Featured Museum Exhibit  

Grandma's Smyrna Kitchen

Society members Mary Rose and Bob Barnes along with Tom Camp, Norma McHann and Harold Smith helped construct and install the latest display in the museum.

It is an interesting mix of everyday items used in the kitchen and other places in the home that date back to the turn of the century and slightly before.

Quite a few comments from chuckling visitors have been "I think I have one of those in my basement that I used for a long time."

Approximately 24 display shelves are devoted to the "touch-friendly" exhibit. In addition to the mentioned people, Linda Wix, Charyn Darby, Jennette Rutledge, Willouise Spivey (and possibly others) contributed.

Drop in the museum and see if "cooks up some memories" from years ago.

Below is information on some interesting cookbooks in our collection as well a few fun recipes from days gone by.

Grandma's Smyrna Kitchen
Grandma's Smyrna Kitchen

Cook Books in the Smyrna Museum Collection

Aunt Fanny's Cabin, Smyrna Welcome Center 1999
Bennett Woods Garden Club, Appetizers, Desserts & Party Beverages, 1990's
Better Homes & Gardens Meat Cook Book, 1960
Cooking With King Springs Elementary Kids
Cuthbert Woman's Club, Methodist Women's Missionary Society, Revised 1936,
Original May, 1940.
Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution, 1973
Easy Cooking Cookbook, 1996 - by Blind & Low Vision Services of N. Ga.
First Bank and Trust Co. Recipe Book, ca 1980's
First Presbyterian Church of Taylorville, Ill., 1939
Green Acres Baptist Church, by the Youth Choir, February 1980
Ida Bailey Allen's Everyday Cook Book, 1938
Junior League of Shreveport, Inc., Shreveport, LA, 1980
King Springs Elementary PTA, ca. 1990's.
Locust Grove Baptist Church, Nov., 1979
Modern Pricilla Standard Cook Book, 1932
Rumford Complete Cook Book, 1918
Salad's, Including Appetizers, 1964.
Smyrna First Baptist Church "A Second Taste of First Baptist", 2002
Smyrna First Methodist Church Woman's Society of Christian Service ca. 1960's
Smyrna Junior Woman's Club, ca. 1960's
Tasty Cooking For Ulcer Diets, 1969
West Fulton High School Owl Club "Whoooo's Cooking?" 1994

From "Cooking with King Springs Kids

Bologna and Cheese Sandwich by B. J. James
2 slices of bread
1 slice bologna
1 slice American cheese
Spread mayonnaise on bread.
Place bologna and cheese slices on bread
Fold together for sandwich.

From Woman's Society of Christian Service, Smyrna First Methodist Church
How to Preserve A Husband

First, use care and get one. Not too young; but tender and of a healthy growth. Make your selection carefully and let it be final. Otherwise they will not keep. Like wine they improve with age. Do not pickle or put in hot water. This makes them sour. Prepare as follows; Sweeten with smiles according to variety. The sour, bitter kind are improved by a pinch of salt of common sense. Spice with patience. Wrap well in a mantle of charity. Preserve over a good fire of steady devotion. Served with peaches and cream. The poorest varieties may be improved by this process and kept for years in any climate.

If you have any old cook books from Cobb County Schools, Churches, Civic Clubs etc. The Smyrna Museum is a good place to give them a permanent home. Please make a donation today!


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