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Tom Thumb Wedding - Some Stars Are Still Around
July & August, 2006

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The Smyrna Historical and Genealogical Society meeting at the museum on June 29, 2006 not only brought back memories of the 1940's, but the smell of buttered pop corn and talk of two reelers at the Jonquil Theater.

Also remembered were Capatola Flour tokens which could be used to get in the movies, print dresses, Log Cabin Churchblouses, shirts and curtains made from flour and feed sacks and slower times.

But probably the most memorable part of the meeting was watching the old 8 mm movie (which has beenconverted to video) with appropriate music added) of the wedding. Unfortunately none of the participants in the wedding, which was held on Friday, October 23, 1942, were in attendance at this latest showing.

But there were many ohoos, awhas and laughs as the little people acted out their roles as any adult would in such an elaborate real wedding.

Although Charles Switzer, the groom, was not present for this latest showing, he had related his regrets and passed along the word that he and his family had not been in the community long when the Brownie Girl Scouts Troop 77, presented the mock wedding. He said the only way they could get him to participate was that he was promised a military uniform just like real soldiers wore. The leader of Troop 77 at the time was Mrs. G. C. Beard and the Assistant leader was Miss Hazel Parris.

Participants in the wedding were:
Ushers: Willard Exley, Herbert Eubanks
Musicians: Dorothy Eiseman, Carolyn Banks, Florence Driver
Guests: Patsy Stowe, Virginia Switzer, Farris Delay, L:aura Eberhart, Carlton Farris, Virginia Switzer, Betty Jo Hendricks, Mary Lou Lanson
Groom's Mother: Geneva Cook
Groom's Father: Dan Adams
Bride's Mother: Patsy Ann McManus
Minister: John Hendricks
Bridesmaids: Gloria Brewer, Louise Kelly
Groomsmen: O. B.Garrison, Jimmy Moss
Junior Bridesmaids: Shirley Vawter, Betty Driver.
Maid of Honor: Jean Driver.
Ring Bearer: Lewis Ray Jr.
Groom: Charles Switzer
Flower Girls: Pat Brinkley, Peggy Driver.
Bride: Gennie Vee Valentine
Bride's Father: Raymond Dempsey
Train Bearer: Janella Sammons

Exactly 50 years later, on October 22, 1992 a large group of the original participants gathered at the Log Cabin Church to view the original film with it's flickering light and sound of the film traveling through the gears and guides.

During the showing of the Wedding video you could smell and hear corn popping in the microwave oven that had been imported just for the occasion of the meeting. This was the first time refreshments were served during the meeting. Norma McHann did all the "poppin" and serving and passing out the soft drinks.

Prior to the program, however, the official business of the Smyrna Historical Society was conducted. Harold Smith called the meeting to order at 7:35 and after the welcome and pledge to the flag, Smith called attention to theMarket Village.

A motion to authorize up to $1000.on computer equipment for this purpose was made, seconded, and approved.

Smith made a report on the ongoing Smyrna Street Photo project to photograph all the structures on Smyrna's streets which are in danger of being demolished for construction of new housing. Museum Volunteer Paul Ostborg, and Cobb Shutterbug Club members Hazel Richardson and James Crawford are assisting with the photography. We appreciate very much the work these people are doing.
Those in attendance for the meeting were: Don and Patricia Cheek, Mary Annie Johnson, Melvin Holleman, Ken and Jeane Travis, Dot Bacon, Peggy Lattanzi, Arnold and Mary Hamby, Frank and Shirley McDaniel, Ruth and Barney Barnett, Emmett and Jane Yancey, Joe Farquhar, Serena Haney, Joe Bland, Paul Ostborg, Norma McHann and Harold Smith.


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